Strategies and techniques to help boost your learning power
Learn how to make better use of your study time
Discover the common mistakes students make so you can avoid them

About the book

The book Study Smartera lecturer’s inside guide to boost your grades is a user manual for students with a focus on learning at university. It is not a heavy theoretical academic textbook.

Today’s students have many demands on their time and studying smarter is not about saying work harder. Success and effective learning are ultimately made or broken by the study approaches used. The book includes practical tips and useful hacks to maximise your efforts in the time you have. Each chapter covers an important step in the academic student journey.

The author, Dr Suzanne Fergus is familiar with the typical mistakes that students make and provides an inside guide to what works. She has based the content on her tried and tested learning approaches. With over 15 years in academia and national awards for her teaching, the style is accessible and highly engaging. Her work is based on research evidence to give students the inside guide to studying smarter.

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Feedback from students

“I really appreciate the style at which it is written; it’s written in a way that, as a student, I can picture in my head the different examples of scenarios that other students have gone through, and because of this, I can relate to it more”.
“It was an amazing idea to include a chapter on stress, especially since a lot of books relating to revision tips don’t touch a lot on stress, and how powerful the human mind is in thinking negative thoughts that can affect a student’s ability to perform as well as they can. Very very happy with this”.
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